HSL Security Robot Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable, cutting edge AI security robot solution to complement your existing human security network.  Providing autonomous security solutions to enhance your organizations’ security with robust AI technology to combat a wide variety of organizational security challenges.  HSL Security is committed to protect your organization and our community.  We have flexible purchasing and rental programs that will fit your every day or long term needs. 


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About US:

HSL Security is founded by experienced security experts and AI experts with years of experience in the security industry. HSL Security helps to supply, manage and offer expertise on all procurement requirements for security robots, data analysis, and data security.


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Why HSL Security Robot?

  • Our product ensures the safety and security of your organizational assets.
  • HSL Security provides AI-based solutions to empower your security organization to solve complex challenges.
  • Real-Time Response
  • Our built-in microphone and speakers can communicate with personnel at site immediately.
  • AI system and visual management platform includes three-way video monitoring, slam navigation planning; face recognition; human body recognition; vehicle, license plate and objects recognition and other functions.
  • One-click connection to your local police alarm system.